Grow Your Website’s Traffic & Links with Data-Driven Content Marketing Services

Grow organic SEO traffic with bleeding-edge content marketing that compounds in value over time. 

We create beautiful visual content and pitch journalists and bloggers to earn you links, rankings, and traffic. 

Perfect for businesses with $1-20 million in revenue a year and rely on their website for new revenue.


Data-Driven Strategies
We perform extensive research to build a data-backed campaign strategy with high ROI. You bring the goals we build the strategy.
Bleeding-Edge Campaigns
Our proprietary database tracks what's working - and what's not - in the world of content placements in the press. We give journalists and bloggers what they want.
Future-Proof Link Building
We create mutually beneficial content that helps both publishers and brands. These are real stories based on trusted data that stand on their own without the tricks.

“The content produced has been extremely well done and consistent throughout our engagement.”.

-Peter Lizza, Strategy & Operations,

Get Content That Earns Placements

We create powerful content that earns you traffic while making your brand look great.

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Some common questions on the content marketing services we offer.

The concept of content marketing has been around since Michelin guides in France, but has been rapidly adopted with the rise of the internet the last 20 years.

Instead of pushing ads at viewers, content marketing aims to educate, inform, and helps solve the problems that the searcher has. Content marketing can work across all marketing channels, but aligns especially well with organic search by supporting SEO strategies.

We approach content marketing from an SEO-centric perspective.

The beauty of content marketing is that it supports higher level marketing goals and all channels.

Some content marketing campaigns thought are optimized for social media, email campaigns, or gated content campaigns.

Our work focuses on creating content that drives organic traffic via search engines.

We do this by aligning content with search volume, creating premium content, and pitching it to willing journalists and bloggers to earn placements and backlinks. It's a virtuous cycle that benefits all involved.

Not all industries and company types can see a good return from content marketing services.

The best fit companies are:

  1. Digital-first and derive most sales online 
  2. Have a strong profit margin, high order value, or both.
  3. Tend to be in semi-mature markets where there are multiple competitors duking it out in Google organic search results. Startups are often too early. 
  4. Have been producing content internally for some time.
  5. Have specific marketing goals to measure success against.

We give pricing quotes after getting to know your business and marketing goals.

Some industries like finance and insurance are much different, and more competitive, than industries like travel and certain B2B software, so it all depends on industry, competition, goals, and your team's brand and content controls.

For a ballpark estimate, engagements start at $4,000 a month.

We take care of the full content marketing for link building process from start to finish. We collaborate with you to understand what your marketing and traffic goals are and how we can help support those goals. 

This includes:

  1. Foundational content marketing strategy
  2. Brand alignment workshop
  3. Industry & competitor research project
  4. Topic research and prioritization
  5. Content calendar creation
  6. First campaign complete content creation 
  7. Content promotion via outreach
  8. Analysis, iteration, and move on to next campaign

If you're ready to discuss this in further detail, book the first call now!

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