The Best Looking SEO Expert?

This Page Goest to Show that it's Easy to be a Handsome SEO Expert. Read more to find out why.

Looking for the Hottest SEO Consultant?

Ranking for keywords.

That’s the one job of an SEO consultant.

But what about looking good? Well that’s not really their job, except if they’re taking an introductory meeting with someone attracted to them.

What is this page about?

It’s about how easy it is to rank for the best looking SEO consultant.

Why is it so easy?

It’s so easy because there’s no search volume for it! There’s no search volume for it because no one is interested in this. They don’t care about finding the hottest SEO consultant. They just want someone who will get the job done (most of the time).

So the next time someone tells you that they rank for boutique SEO consultant you can throw pie in their face, because ranking #1 for a term that no on searches for is like saying you run the #1 pie shop in a town that’s allergic to pies.

Don’t Fall for the Trickery of Rankings for Lame Keywords

In this sentence I might also be able to rank for the keyword Belizean Dragon Stomach because no one is searching for that. I just searched and nothing matches.

So if you’re new to SEO, anytime someone says they’re ranking #1 for a phrase, just ask them to show you the search volume, cost-per-click and keyword difficulty metrics.

Then drop your mic and walk away.

Joe Robison

Joe Robison

Founder, SEO Consultant

“I love working directly with people more attractive than me because it makes my palms sweaty.”

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