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Machine Learning SEO

Stage of this module: Early research This module is some of my early research on…

Written by Joe Robison
Last updated 2 weeks ago

Stage of this module: Early research

This module is some of my early research on the interplay between machine learning and SEO.

It’s a tough one to nail down. Google has its own advanced machine learning algorithms to best crawl, understand, categorize, index, and rank websites for keywords. Google also has spam filtering machine learning and other sub-algorithms using machine learning to supplement search engine results pages.

On the flip side, businesses have their own machine learning technology, to different degrees, and are starting to use this to play a bigger role in websites. This may impact auto-generated landing pages, AI-generated SEO content, and other concepts like generated art, search, discover, and categorization.

For example, how is Shutterstock using machine learning to generate unique landing pages? Could image recognition machine learning auto-label stock photos and generate these landing pages? Are they doing it already?

How is streaming data being ingested, analyzed, and interpreted on stock listing websites?

How does Pinterest generate its SEO-friendly landing pages to dominate long-tail searches?

Machine Learning for SEOs

SEOs have moved into Python more and more or learned enough to collaborate with machine learning developers.

Example SEO machine learning projects:

  1. Rewriting page title tags at scale with Open AI
  2. Auto-alt text for images at scale
  3. Image tagging at scale for categorization aligned with keywords with volume
  4. Landing page autogeneration at scale based on keywords and data – programmatic SEO
  5. Backlink discovery, filtering, quality scoring, contact gathering, and categorization at scale

More Reading to Evaluate Still:

  1. A Practical Introduction to Machine Learning for SEO Professionals
  2. How to Use Artificial Intelligence in SEO
  3. SEO in Towards Data Science
  4. Search Data, Trends & Analytics: Catching the Pulse of a Market and its Consumers (no cookies required)
  5. Will Google’s MUM Kill SEO?
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