When I get really uninspired by reading factual advice and technical issues and fixes all week, it can really put a man in a daze of thinking that is the only world – boring and ready to be optimized. I love the SEO world and worldview while we’re at it since it generally takes on a optimistic albeit opportunistic outlook.

But just taking a few minutes to disconnect and enrich my mind with creative inputs this Friday night has reminded me of the richness of the outside world I intentionally ignore most of the week for the same of productivity. I’m constantly seeking the perfect formula for productivity which could be out there but I find just as much higher level inspiration and ideas from seemingly creatively chaotic impute as I do from managed and carefully selected creative moments. As many people have said before the best ideas come when we are away from our work in the shower, on a run, or in a conversation at the bar.

I was specifically reading a short story by James Joyce tonight then after listening to Bon Iver and found myself soaking in the creative excellence of both of them, wanting to create something at such a high level as them.

This relates back to my 40+ hour work of SEO in that these few minutes enjoying creative input will probably encourage my work more so than those five extra link building post I’ve already read and forgotten this week.

Well I’m running the Spartan Race and getting up at 6am tomorrow, but wanted to add to this collection while the idea was ripe. I’ll start dreaming of the next one now.

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