Holistic SEO

Look at each challenge from six different points of view like the Dalai Lama does.

SEO is not an isolated process, not exactly sure if it was ever viewed as separate from everything else done online, but it is evolving more and more and the lines are blurring between SEO, social media, analytics, email marketing, paid search, design, infographics, etc. SEO is a part of the whole process of online marketing, and even offline marketing for that matter. SEO should be viewed not as something that is done to your site, but the driving force of your website’s design and purpose from start to finish. This does not mean only speaking in keywords, or creating content for search engines and not people. It means from concept state to website launch, SEO impact should be part of the whole process. It doesn’t stop there either since post-launch means you are getting real work feedback about your users, and that should influence your adjustments to make your site perfect.

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