Writing a blog is very important for your site because you’ll be constantly generating new and unique content for the search engines to crawl. Given that a full 20% of daily search queries have never been seen by search engines ever before in the whole entire history of the entire search universe, it is impossible to accurately predict what people will search for in this 20%. This 20% is part of the long tail keywords¬†that make up 70% of all search terms. It’s very hard to intentionally target long tail keywords as mentioned because of their unpredictable nature, there is a way to better optimize your blog so that when you naturally include these long tail keywords in your post they are optimized for search engines.

The following points come from the blog post at TabJuice called 7 Ninja SEO Tips for Blog Posts:

  1. Include the keyword in the title of your post
  2. Add the keyword to the URL
  3. Include the keyword in the copy
  4. Bold or italicize keyword phrases
  5. Include the keyword in a variety of headers
  6. Optimize your images
  7. Optimize your meta data
Refer to the original most for more detailed information, but the point here is not to just write the blog for optimization purposes, but to actually write a hilarious, interesting, challenging, informative, etc. blog post and then optimize what you can. Once you have done this a couple times with the above points in the back of your mind you will start to naturally write and optimize at the same time, wouldn’t that be magical!
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