Agency Analytics ReviewYoChild

Agency Analytics 50% awesome, 50% frustrating I switched from Raven Tools to Agency Analytics because Agency Analytics was 70% cheaper, and had many of the uses of Raven Tools that I needed. But there are some very frustrating elements of Agency Analytics, which...

Google Content Experiments (A/B Testing)YoChild

Project Highlights: Split tested traffic from referring site between two landing pages to find optimal conversion rate Project A/B testing conducted with Google Content Experiments Used recommended multi-armed bandit testing method to decide on winner quicker Part of... Google Content Experiments (A/B Testing)

Cohort AnalysisYoChild

Project Highlights: Analyzed PPC vs Organic user performance over 90 days Based on cutting edge user segmentation analysis via Occam’s Razor Data helped make PPC vs Organic user behavior... Cohort Analysis

Content Rewrite Testing ProjectYoChild

Project Highlights: Analyzed content gaps in Analytics vs. competitors to present project to execs Use deep analysis to pick out prime pages for content rewrite Managed content writing team with large budget Heavily optimized content for search engines with extensive... Content Rewrite Testing Project