Mechanic needs an SEO

This isn’t me…this is what your average mechanic might look like.

One of the most interesting posts I read about SEO are when the author gets nitty gritty and specific about who post is for. My favorite posts are ones that say ‘SEO for Local Businesses’ or ‘SEO for Hipster Bands’ or ‘SEO for Old Man Shaving Cream Brands’ because you know they are going to have those nuggets of wisdom and real world examples that do not throw out the standard generic SEO advice of optimizing page titles and adding in targeted alt text.

It’s refreshing to see something actionable that a small business owner can actually use and focus on just for their site. If you run a used surfboard store, you need to

  • Add your business to Google Maps and optimize the local search results
  • Do keyword research and target the phrases people are already using
  • Create valuable content to create and incentive for customers to visit
  • Properly mark up helpful images and videos on your site
  • Get links from surfboard manufacturers and surf gear sites
  • Build out a proper Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp account
  • Set up Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics accounts
Smaller mom-and-pop shops can become inundated with too much information from SEO advice recommending how to canonicalize all the shopping pages, or limit external links with the rel=nofollow tag when really they should focus on making their site easy, informative, and accessible to their customers. The point is that by focusing on a certain industry when giving SEO advice, much more specific, actionable information is given.
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