Small Business SEO Services

Small Business SEO Services Focused on ROI

I’m sure you’ve done your research – you know SEO can be a bit pricey.

And if you’re a small business managing things yourself, it’s confusing.

You don’t want to experiment with throwing gobs of money at SEO to see if the organic traffic comes.

We hear you.

SEO can work for many small businesses, but not all. With Google and Facebook Ad prices skyrocketing, you need to acquire new customers for your company at acquisition costs within your budget.

SEO doesn’t happen in isolation, it’s part of your overall digital marketing strategy to grow you brand and acquire leads with strong ROI.

If you’re confident in your product or service, have a reasonable amount of experience marketing your business online, and are ready to grow organic traffic, you have a lot of potential.

My name is Joe Robison, a small business SEO consultant that just may be able to help you out!

I’ve worked with a small business client for over 4 years and seen amazing results

travel site organic stats

This client acquires traffic at low costs with their high reliance on organic search. This keeps profit margins strong for this growing company.

Some of the reasons for their success:

  • Service and product pages answer the customers’ every needs, bringing in organic traffic and boosting engagement
  • Detailed pages reduce the need for the sales team to spend hours on the phone to make a sale
  • Constant blogging around strategic topics related to the company’s products
  • Use of partnerships and mentions to earn links and authority
  • Innovated content creation through infographics and tools

In summary, you want to take a strategic approach and focus on the tasks and tactics that can bring in the most traffic for the best price.

Local vs National SEO

We only work with clients that primarily acquire customers online. There’s a bit of a difference in strategies between local SEO and national SEO.

An example of purely local SEO would be a local mechanic or chiropractor that only sees customers in person, and only wants local customers.

An example of national small business SEO is a travel company that books clients from around the country and the world.

If you serve customers from anywhere – via ecommerce, doing business-to-business sales, or generating online leads – we can help!

Your Business is a Match if:

  • You know that SEO can take 3-6 months to bear fruit
  • You’ve worked with an SEO company before, or have done it yourself
  • You have other marketing channels – such as Adwords, Facebook Ads, email, and others that are working
  • You serve clients nationally, and not only local
  • You either want ecommerce sales, leads, or online bookings
  • You have a reasonable budget (see pricing below) – generally you should spend over $5,000 a month on all marketing efforts

We’re not a Good Match yet if:

  • Your budget for all marketing is less than $5,000 a month (since SEO is one portion of all marketing)
  • Your site is brand new and you have never tried to get traffic to a website before
  • You don’t know your profit and lifetime value per customer
  • You need immediate results in less than 30 days
  • You’re only looking for local SEO services, or primarily only sell in-person

SEO Pricing and Services

Every business has a budget, from small to large. While a budget is a good place to start, the ultimate goal is to get value and ROI from the work, not the lowest price.

  1. Initial Priority 10 Audit – focused on the top 10 fixes and opportunities: $995
  2. Full SEO Audit – this is customized to your needs, ranges from: $2,000 – 7,000
  3. Monthly SEO Services – we build a customized retainer for your needs: $2,500 – 6,000/month
  4. One-time project – such as website migrations, redesigns, and other: $2,000+

Interested to see if this pricing aligns with your budget and ROI goals? Fill out the quote form on this page to get started!

Do you Need a Full-Service Agency or a Specialist?

In some situations, a full service, integrated agency can be the way to go. These are best for companies that want very little oversight of the projects, and want an outside generalist agency to handing all of their marketing.

That’s the problem with large, full-service agencies, however. They’re often so generalized that you get great service in some areas, and they outsource the rest, or give it to someone who isn’t a true expert.

If you’re just trying to cover your bases, it’s helpful to get general help. If you’re looking to leap ahead in certain traffic channels for your website, you need an expert. It’s difficult for a business owner to decide who is the expert, and who has their best interest in mind, that’s for sure. The only solution is to learn the process as you go, or to find a true partner who can both do the work for you and teach you all along.

How Would a Small Business SEO Engagement Work?

There are a few steps to determine fit:

  1. You fill out the request more info form so I can reach out to you
  2. I’ll send you a more detailed application so I can get to know your business
  3. We’ll set up a 20-minute phone call and I’ll point out some ideas for your current site
  4. Depending on your site’s status, you’ll start with a Priority 10 Audit or Full SEO Audit.
  5. You’ll have your team make those recommended changes so you have a feel for how my expertise impacts your site without you first committing to long-term locked-in contracts
  6. From there we’ll discuss monthly growth projects, in either a hands-on format, or advisory format
  7. Analysis and evaluation and profit!

I hope to meet you soon, and hear what your small business brand goals are for this year!

Joe Robison, Green Flag Digital


“Small businesses are ROI-focused, because they have to be! I work mainly with small businesses that average $1-20 million a year in revenue, with 5-50 employees. Fill out the form below to see if we’re a fit!”

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