The solution to your SEO and traffic problems is often a lack of links. Backlinks to your site from other website drive traffic and show Google you are an authoritative company. Link building is really only possible these days with high quality content that we’ll brainstorm and help your team produce. You won’t believe it until you see it, but you won’t believe until you see the power of links.
From keyword targeting to technical SEO and link building I’ve done it all. The problem with people who talk about SEO is that it’s all about visits, hacks, and keywords rather than revenue. Why do CEOs spend 10x more on paid search when they can be spending money on SEO for better results and less cost? ROI! Revenue! SEOs don’t talk about revenue enough. Should we change that?

We’ve proudly been specializing in the travel industry and have worked with several tour operators and an OTA to bring them increased organic traffic and link. We offer full SEO retainer services or pure travel content marketing services.

Website redesigns, migrations, and relaunches are huge projects. SEO is often an afterthought, saved for a week before launch or worse. If you’re getting any type of substantial organic search traffic to your site, you’ll want a concrete website relaunch SEO plan. Don’t leave it up to your developers, they have enough on their plate. Learn to relaunch safely.

We have a strong background in technical SEO, and Joe has written several articles for leadign publications such as Moz and Search Engine Journal on the subject. From quick technical SEO projects to huge website migrations, we can supplement your marketing team to achieve your goals.

We’ve worked with several Shopify Plus SEO clients with over $50 million in annual revenue. We understand the Shopify backend and the quirks in the platform. Take a look at our Shopify SEO breakdown and let us know if you need help.

Small business actually have revenues up to $50 million a year. We’ve worked with small scrappy businesses all the way up to those right at the edge of being a medium business. We can work with your limited resources to devise a plan based on a moneyball SEO strategy.

Our Definition of Quality SEO Consulting Services

There’s no doubt that SEO service companies – agencies, freelancers, consultants, the whole shebang – get a bad rap.

I think it’s a combination of the mystery involved in the process as well as the fact that there’s no industry standards that make it the wild west, even 20 years after Google started.

So when a company gets burned a few times, what do they do? They either quit buying SEO services for awhile, they take it all in-house, or they just focus on paid search. It’s a shame becuase SEO is fun, powerful, and has a high ROI on a longer timeframe.

We define quality SEO services as:

  1. Focused on the business objectives
  2. Built around industry best practices
  3. Focus on low-hanging fruit
  4. Sustainable and white-hat
  5. Transparent

How much does all this cost? The truth is, the best SEO agencies have a minimum retainer amount of roughly $3,000 to $5,000 a month – and it goes up from there depending on company size.

SEO takes time, energy, expertise, and a lot of elbow grease. A $1,000 a month SEO engagement will take quite awhile to bear fruit, except for small local sites, so most SEO consultancies realize the need to put more wood behind the arrows early on in order to show progress within 6 months.

We aim to offer deep, high quality SEO & link building services to a small handful of clients rather than create a mostly weak “SEO package” that only checks the boxes.

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